Lulilo Wooden 3 Storey Parking Fire Station Garage

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Since morning, everyone is in a hurry and has to leave for important errands. Guide the traffic so that everyone leaves the parking lot smoothly without traffic jams. Accident? Crash? Maybe it would be faster to fly a helicopter? It's waiting at the top of the parking lot, ready to fly. Come on board and let's go!


  • The beautiful wooden city garage has four levels! The first three are for cars - there is room for wooden cars included in the set, as well as many other vehicles of your child. They can get to the next floors by using the elevator!
  • At the top of the construction there is a helicopter. You will find a wooden one in the set.
  • The city parking has been equipped with additional accessories which make the fun never ends!
  • Fuel dispenser - after all, every car needs to be prepared for the journey ahead. Make sure it's fueled up before you embark on your next adventure!
  • An elevator to the next levels of the parking lot. The elevator moves up and down thanks to a knob, and allows you to transport one car at a time. Vehicles can also access the parking lot using the ramps.
  • The set includes also a set of traffic signs which will help to control traffic and determine the direction of a vehicle. Moreover, they will make your child familiar with the meaning of traffic signs, also for pedestrians.
  • The set includes also two cars with movable wheels and helicopter with movable propeller.
  • We know that good fun is safe fun. Therefore, all elements have been made of smoothly sanded wood so that you can be sure that your child's joy will not be interrupted by any splinter.
  • Paints used to paint the garage are safe and non-toxic.

Set contents:

  • Elements to assemble the parking lot
  • set of screws
  • 2x vehicles
  • 2x firefighters
  • fire
  • fire extinguisher
  • Material: wood


  • Garage dimensions: 34cm X 21cmX 32cm
  • Package dimensions: 37cm X 33cmX 21cm

Age: 3+

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