WOOPIE Giant Pedal Tractor Bulldozer

A huge tractor pedal pusher is a combination of tractor and bicycle. The tractor is equipped with a comfortable adjustable seat. The bulldozer is attached to the front of the tractor and is controlled by a lever. The bulldozer is best suited to sandpits, beaches and other places with very soft and loose soil. The chain drive ensures a comfortable and smooth ride. The steering wheel is equipped with a horn. The tractor is also equipped with a hook that allows you to attach the trailer.

  • combination of tractor and bicycle
  • seat adjustment
  • lever-operated
  • has a chain drive, horn and trailer hook
  • perfect imitation of a real tractor
  • Ideal for outdoor and indoor use
The product is made of the highest quality, environmentally friendly materials and is completely safe for the child's health.

Woopie is one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality plastic toys in Europe. Woopie products are successfully sold on the domestic market and throughout Europe.

Woopie toys have one goal - to make children happy! Among the wide range of products, Woopie has, among other things, carnival costumes and children's disguises, but also hanging swings, foam toys, various garden toys, and much more! Let yourself be carried away in fun - let Woopie carry you!

Age: from 3 years
Sound effects
Product dimensions: 54 x 126 x 66 cm
Packaging dimensions: 53,5 x 95 x 52 cm
Load capacity: up to 60 kg

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