Sensillo Velvet Romantic Baby Swaddle - 2 Designs

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Holding your newborn has never been so easy - this new baby swaddle makes it wonderfully convenient to carry the baby while feeding or putting them to sleep. With this reversible, 100% cotton Sensillo baby swaddles, you will also have the opportunity to use it as a playmat or a quilt to be used in a baby's cot or pram.

Product features:
enables the comfortable carrying of the baby during feeding or putting them to sleep
• a Velcro tab - for convenient fastening and unfastening
• can be used as a quilt or a playmat
• filled with a silicon cottony lyocell
• allows for keeping the optimal temperature and microclimate next to the baby's skin
• each pattern has a separate imprint
• durable does not decolourize
• easy to maintain
• high quality

Dimensions: 75x75 cm (+/- 3 cm)

a sheathing: 100% cotton
a wrapping: 100% polyester

Maintenance tips:
• handwash in max 30 degrees
• do not whitewash
• do not dry-clean
• iron in max. 110 degrees

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