Hospital Bag in the Summer - what to pack?

Hospital Bag in the Summer - what to pack?

Is your due date fast approaching and you are still unsure of what to pack into your Hospital Bag? Find below a comprehensive list of what to pack on the way to the hospital.

How to pack your hospital bag?

The first step is finding out what the hospital will provide as there's no need to pack more than necessary. Different hospitals provide different supplies in their maternity wing, so it's best to get in touch with your hospital and find out which supplies they offer (for example baby formula). Once you've gathered that piece of information, you can work on a list of must have items both for you and the baby. If your partner will be joining you, it's important to pack some supplies for him as well (change of clothes, cash, snack). While packing, get different bags for the three of you to make it easier to figure out what’s needed and where to find it while in the hospital.

As much as you want to have everything at hand during your stay at the hospital, you don’t want to overpack. As such, you need to sort out and realize the most important items and pack them first.

When to start to packing?

You should have a ready hospital bag between weeks 32nd and 35th - just to be safe. Sometimes baby comes earlier than expected and you don’t want labour pains catching you off guard. It is recommended to start the packing process at around the 28th week mark or at the beginning of your third trimester. Besides being ready in case you have an emergency labour, packing early gives you ample time to remember all the things that you need for hospital and ensuring that they are all effectively packed up. Take the initiative to create a checklist that’s tailored to fit your specific needs. Use this checklist to ensure you have all you need to welcome your newborn, but also to ensure a comfortable stay in the hospital.

Best hospital bag checklist

The best hospital bag checklist is one that’s specifically tailored for your needs. However, you need to start from somewhere to create that checklist. Below is a comprehensive checklist to help you pack effectively.

Things to pack in your Hospital Bag for you:

  • Slippers
  • Flip flops
  • Socks x 3
  • Breastfeeding robe and nightgowns or pyjamas x 2
  • Nursing Bras x2
  • Underwear (loose cotton panties) x 6
  • Contact list to share the big news with
  • Loose, comfortable clothing to wear when leaving hospital for home
  • Toiletries including face wipes, a toothbrush, toothpaste, hair brush, dry shampoo, shower gel and any makeup you may need (you want to look fresh when visitors start strolling in and the cameras come out)
  • Moisturizer and lip balm
  • Your birth plan
  • Any paperwork requested by your doctor, both for hospital and insurance procedures (insurance card, identification card)
  • Nursing pads, nipple cream, and pack of maxi pads
  • Electronics including your phone, headphones, charger.
  • Pillow (additional pillow / nursing pillow / postpartum pillow)
  • Snacks and drinks
  • Music (can be helpful while labour and after it)
  • Book, magazines (these should help you avoid boredom during your stay at the hospital)
  • Notebook and pen
  • Watch or smartphone with app to time contractions

Things to pack in your Hospital Bag for baby:

Things to pack in your Hospital Bag for Your Partner:

  • Change of clothes
  • Cash / Credit Card
  • Toothbrush
  • Snacks, Sandwiches, Drinks
  • Phone and charger

How to pack for summer

When packing for labour during summer, you ought to remember that although baby needs to stay warm, it doesn’t mean dressing them in layers upon layers of clothes. If anything, the weather is already warm, which makes it suitable to dress your baby in a onesie, maybe a pair of shorts, and socks. As such it is important to pack light, comfortable clothing that won’t make baby too hot. However, you can carry a few warm clothes both for baby and yourself to wear especially during your stay at the hospital. Hospitals mostly have a chill environment, which means you'll need to keep warm before the doctor discharges you.

Tip: Dress your baby one layer more then yourself.

Summer babies have it really good. As a new mom, I’m sure you are looking forward to enjoying the summer with your new bundle of joy. The photos, the moments, all the ups and downs are all worth it in the end because no feeling can ever beat the love and bond between a mother and baby. Keep the clothing light and your baby’s sunscreen always at arms length in case you have to go out. However, for now just keep track of your Hospital bag to ensure you have all you need during birth and the entire stay at the hospital.

Hospital Bag Checklist: Download here

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