Large Kinetic Playset

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Kinetic sand has a great influence on a child's sense of touch, so using it influences sensory integration, i.e. the child's ability to feel and understand the stimulation provided to the body by the senses.

Set contains:
  • Kinetic sand in a box - 2kg
  • 16 plastic forms
  • pump
  • Inflatable sandpit

Features and benefits:

  • It does not lose its plasticity, does not dry out, does not harden
  • Easy cleaning of the hands after the play
  • Easy to model
  • It's harmless to children due to the use of non-toxic ingredients.
  • It does not stick to the hands and does not become dusty during use, it can be easily washed off with water after playtime
  • You can create whatever you want, just use your imagination, there's no need for water.
  • It improves creative and expressive skills

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