Chicco Fiat 500 Sport RC Remote Control Car


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The Fiat 500 Sport RC Remote Control Car White 72750 is the latest remote controlled car in the Chicco car collection. The Fiat 500 sports line, the steering wheel is also an intuitive remote control for controlling the car remotely. The car makes realistic sounds: engine noise and horn. Carefully manufactured, solid, made of high-quality plastic. The sporty line of the car is modelled on the real Fiat 500 car.

Product features:

  • remote-controlled Fiat 500 Sport car
  • modelled on a real Fiat 500 car
  • intuitive steering wheel shaped radio remote control with 3 buttons
  • control the steering wheel and change directions
  • realistic sound effects (horn sound and real engine rumble)
  • works on frequency 2.4 GHz

Age: 2 years

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