Classic World Iris Ukulele - Pink

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Pink Wooden Ukulele by Classic World, a renowned musical instrument for children. An excellent product for testing children's first fascination with the world of music. The little fingers are trained to run along the neck, which greatly improves manual dexterity, teaches concentration and perseverance. It perfectly imitates a real instrument. A real hit in the category of fun through learning. A perfect product for testing children's first fascination with the World of Music.

  • Pink wooden ukulele from the renowned Classic World brand for young musicians,
  • The instrument allows you to master the first chords, and with a little patience and imagination play a home concert,
  • The sound is subdued and not too loud, safe for the child's hearing,
  • It will help develop your child's musical talent,
  • All made of durable material,
  • Painted with non-toxic paints.
The toy develops:
  • sense of hearing,
  • cognitive abilities,
  • creativity,
  • sensitivity to music,
  • imagination.
Classic World toys introduce children to a new dimension of fantastic fun! Classic World wooden, eco-friendly toys that are not only meant to have fun but also to develop the creativity of children, develop emotional sensitivity, and teach them how to make friends. Classic World musical toys deserve a special mention - they allow the youngest children to develop their musical sensitivity.

Age: from 3 years

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