Milly Mally Balance Bike Ranger - 3 Colours

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Babylove is the exclusive distributor of the original Milly Mally, products for the Republic of Ireland, and for the Northern Ireland.
We provide full & free product service.
Please shop with care as some of our competitors offer lookalike products that are not the original Milly Mally™ toys.

MILLY MALLY Balance Bike Ranger is a modern bicycle that makes it stand out among the available on the market.
Milly Mally brand bicycles are all about safety and security.
Milly Mally is a long-time leader in the production of balance bicycles.

Learning to ride a balance bicycle perfectly develops balance skills, motor skills, leg strength and muscles, and exercises motor coordination. In addition, it is an excellent start before riding a traditional bicycle.

Why Ranger?
Durable and made with the latest EVA foam technology non-piercing 12" wheels, which do not need to be inflated makes them maintenance-free. Ergonomic height-adjustable saddle with soft padding ensures the child's comfort and grows with the child. The Ranger bike has a bearing handlebar and bearing wheels. Non-slip, soft rubber handles provide a firm grip and comfortable handling.

The ergonomic design of the bicycle ensures durability and comfortable use. Sturdy and extremely lightweight composite bicycle frame. Bicycle suitable for long-term use by the youngest and convenient to carry due to low weight.


  • Latest EVA technology non-piercing 12" wheels
  • Saddle height adjustment (35 - 41 cm)
  • Bearing-mounted handlebars
  • Lightweight composite frame
  • Non-slip handles
  • Comfortable soft contoured seat
  • Bearing-mounted wheels
  • Age range 2+
  • Available in colours: ocean, pink, black
  • Meets European safety standards


  • Total length 87 cm
  • Total width 39 cm
  • Overall height 54 cm
  • Distance from handlebars to center of saddle: 38 cm
  • Width of handlebars 39 cm
  • Saddle dimension: width 10 cm x length. 20cm
  • Adjustable seat height from floor level 35 cm to 41 cm
  • Maximum load up to 25 kg.
  • Weight 2.8 kg


  • Height: 60.7 cm , Width: 12.8 cm , Length: 39.6 cm
  • Gross weight 3.61 kg , Cardboard packaging

Warning:   Adult supervision is recommended. Helmet and safety gear are recommended. Product for outdoor use. 

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