Milly Mally 6in1 Tricycle Stanley - 4 Colours

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Choosing the perfect tricycle for your child is no small task. This unusual tricycle is part of the GrowUp family of products, so it will grow with your child.

The Stanley combines 3 functions: tricycle, pushchair and ride-on. It is sure to bring a lot of fun to both young and older children. 
The Stanley is safe and comfortable. The swivel seat will allow the seat to be positioned in any way you like, either facing forward, backward or even sideways. This will allow the seat to be adjusted smoothly for maximum comfort. A convenient handle for the parent to control the bike will allow full control of direction and speed while learning to ride independently.

The detachable storage bag on the handlebars allows you to take all your baby's treasures with you, as well as the necessary accessories for baby care.
The bicycle is equipped with a safety railing to prevent the child from falling off, three-point safety belts and two sets of footrests. The whole set is completed with rubber wheels ensuring good grip and a quiet and comfortable ride on any surface. The comfortable and contoured seat will ensure comfort on every journey, and the foldable canopy will protect your little one from too much sun on hot days.
The Stanley can easily be converted into a classic tricycle with pedals.


  • 360-degree rotating seat - ride forwards or backwards
  • Handle control
  • Free wheel function (ratchet gear)
  • Three-stage height adjustment of the handle to guide the bicycle
  • Three-point seat belts with shoulder pads and belt buckle protection
  • Comfortable contoured seat with two-stage backrest angle adjustment
  • Adjustable seat distance from handlebars
  • Removable seat cover
  • Canopy with mesh to keep an eye on your child. When fully extended, the canopy covers approximately 60 degrees.
  • Rubber wheels
  • Steel frame
  • Solid front wheel - protects against foot-rotation
  • Folding footrest under the seat
  • Footrest for the youngest children mounted in the frame
  • Capacious basket for small items at the rear
  • A cup/bottle holder mounted on the handlebar for the parent
  • Bell
  • Easy-to-clean, removable safety railing
  • Rubber non-slip handles with protective caps
  • Handlebar cover fitted with small mesh pocket
  • Bearing-mounted rear wheels
  • Locking brake on the rear wheels
  • Swivel stop
  • Adjustable seat belts
  • Treaded wheels
  • Front-wheel equipped with mudguard
  • Compact folding for convenient transport of the bicycle
  • Quick and intuitive folding system
  • Age range 1-5 years
  • Available in: pink, navy, grey, red
  • Meets European safety standards


  • 109 cm high
  • Handlebar height adjustment: 103-106-109 cm
  • Handlebar width: 41 cm
  • Height to handlebars: 61 cm
  • Length from rear wheel to front wheel: 81 cm
  • Overall length 107 cm
  • Bicycle width: 58 cm
  • Diameter of wheels: front - 24 cm, rear - 20 cm
  • Distance from the edge of the seat to the pedals: min 35 cm max 38 cm
  • Distance from edge of seat to handlebars: 11.5 cm
  • Height of backrest: 41 cm
  • Height to seat: 40cm
  • Barriers width 36 cm
  • Barriers distance from the seat 20 cm
  • Width of backrest 27 cm
  • Depth of seat 21 cm
  • Width of seat 28.5 cm
  • Maximum load up to 25 kg
  • Maximum basket load up to 3 kg
  • Weight: 10.3 kg


  • Height: 61 cm Width: 43 cm Length: 35cm
  • Weight with packaging: 11.8kg

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