Philips Avent Natural Response Bottle 2 pack- 3 Sizes

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The Natural Response teat supports baby's natural feeding rhythm and makes it easier to combine breast and bottle feeding. The teat is equipped with a unique opening through which milk only flows when the baby is actively sucking.

The nipple features:

  • flow - the nipple enables a low flow of milk to resemble breastfeeding
  • delicacy - the tip of the nipple has been improved
  • flexibility - soft and flexible 1.0 nipples have been rendered with a more solid construction resistant to biting and the nipple collapsing
  • a wide shape - a spiral shape for protecting collapsing even more
  • a matt texture - a mellow tip
  • an anti-colic valve - removes discomfort and limits the frequency of colic attacks

The Avent baby bottle:

  • enables nutritional sucking - baby sucks, swallows, and breathes at his own pace, just like at the breast
  • enables a natural way of feeding, resembling breastfeeding - facilitates mixed feeding (both with the use of a bottle and breast)
  • J slit - innovative design, the teat reacts to the sucking of the baby
  • imitates the natural softness of a breast
  • has elastic, spiral construction and convenient pads
  • is equipped with an anti-colic, double-valve advanced system, directing the air into a bottle, not into a baby's tummy
  • can be easily cleaned and assembled
  • Natural Response teats and bottles contain no bisphenol A

The package includes:

  • 2x  bottle125ml with teat 0 month+,
  • 2 x bottle 260ml with teat 1 month+
  • 2 x bottle 330ml with teat 3 months +
  • new response teat

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