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Diamond Embroidery Painting Mosaic 5D from WOOPIE is a wonderful kit that will allow any child to design their own dream diamond ornament. Diamond embroidery is a fun way to fill in a finished pattern from a picture with small diamonds. The diamonds come in different colours and are placed in the enclosed container with compartments and, using a special applicator, are applied to a specific area of the embroidery. This toy is great for creativity and imagination, exercises and teaches patience, precision and accuracy.

  • toy from 3 years,
  • provides great fun for hours,
  • after assembling the pictures can be used as room decoration,
  • the packaging is an organiser.
Set contains:
  • 1000 diamonds in 7 colours, sorted in separate pouches,
  • 12 stickers in sizes 6 - 7 cm on which the pattern is printed. The patterns are covered with a special adhesive layer which allows the diamonds to be glued,
  • 2 large pendants, size 19.5 - 17.5 cm, also with adhesive layer,
  • 2 hooks with suction cups,
  • 2 saucers,
  • 1 applicator for applying diamonds to the pattern,
  • 1 container with 8 compartments,
  • 1 wax.


  • prepare the stand and unpack the set,
  • pour the crystals into the container, a separate colour in each compartment,
  • choose the sticker or tag you want to stick on (if it's a sticker, cut it out of the sheet being careful not to damage the edges of the design),
  • important - then it is best to separate the individual stickers. On the sheet each sticker is already 'cut out' following the contours. The stickers have glue and if you remove the protective film from the whole sheet, it may be that by the time you start playing with the last pattern, the glue may have dried out or the diamond may have stuck to the wrong model. Therefore, separate the selected pattern from the rest and peel off the protective film only from the part you want to fill with diamonds,
  • take the applicator and dip it into the wax,
  • glue a crystal to the tip of the applicator covered in wax glue and transfer it to the chosen pattern (try to match the diamonds in colour to the pattern),
  • when finished, stick the diamond sticker onto any object of your choice. If you have chosen a large pattern, you can hang it e.g. on a window with the included suction cups or place it on a table by sliding it into the cut-out, the pad forming a stand.

    Age: 3+

    Woopie company is one of the leading manufacturers of plastic toys in Europe. Woopie products are sold successfully on the domestic market and throughout Europe. They can be found on the shelves of major retail chains and in traditional children's stores.

    Woopie brand toys have one goal - to inspire joy in children! Among its wide assortment, Woopie has, among other things, carnival costumes and disguises for children, but also suspension swings, foam toys, various types of garden toys, and much more! Let yourself be entertained - let yourself be entertained by Woopie!

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