Canpol Electric Breast Pump EasyStart

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EasyStart electric breast pump effectively supports and regulates lactation in case of milk stasis and breast overflow. It is economical, ideal at the beginning of lactation and pumping excess milk, also for moms who express milk occasionally.


  • The breast pump has 3 modes of operation. In the first phase, it stimulates, providing a faster flow of milk, and then shifts to a slower and deeper pumping mode.
  • The third mode helps empty the breast and support lactation. In each mode, it is possible to choose from three levels of suction power, allowing you to adjust the power to each woman's needs.
  • The electric breast pump is quiet, allowing you to pump at night as well without worrying about waking your baby. The breast pump is both mains and battery powered.
  • The funnel with a soft, contoured massaging pad does not irritate sensitive nipples and increases comfort while expressing milk.
  • The breast pump consists of a small number of parts, making it easy to clean and assemble. All parts are free of harmful BPA (bisphenol A).
  • Compatible with all Canpol bottles.
  • 2 types of power supply – battery and mains.


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