Happy Bunny Large Art&Craft Set 1200 pcs


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Children's creativity knows no bounds - so why not provide them with an art kit to translate their imagination into physical form!

  • Colourful creative wires that can be bent, twisted, kinked - all to create beautiful animal figurines, decorative flowers, or anything else your child's imagination prompts!
  • Sticker sets that can be stuck anywhere to make things more colourful!
  • Moving eyes that will make any wire-created animal come to life with moving eyes!
  • Confetti of different shapes, colours and sizes will be a beautiful decoration for all your greeting cards and pictures!
  • Colourful cards from which you can cut out different shapes or even make interesting origami shapes!
  • Wooden sticks will add an unusual touch to any project, but they can also be used to create puppets on a stick, for example.
  • Colourful feathers, pompoms and buttons will be additions that not only add colour to the projects, but also provide additional sensory stimulation.
  • A variety of beads and stringing to create your own jewellery, whether necklaces or bracelets.

Set contains:

  • Soft wires in 9 colours x100
  • Glittering wires in 9 colours x50
  • Wooden sticks in 6 colours x50
  • Coloured cards in 10 colours
  • Clover stickers in 10 colours x40
  • Buttons in 9 colours x50
  • Movable eyes in two sizes x50
  • Colourful moving eyes x52
  • Pom-poms in different sizes and colours x100
  • Glitter pompons x32
  • Coloured feathers x30
  • Coloured beads x100
  • Beads with letters x100
  • Set of different coloured shapes - confetti
  • Sticker set
  • Plastic string for stringing beads
  • Scissors

Packaging: 31 cm x 20.2 cm 6.2 cm
Creative set packaged in an attractive cardboard box.

Age: 3+

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