Sensillo Buckwheat Foam & Coconut Cot Mattress 11cm

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Discover the comfort of our 11cm thick buckwheat-foam-coconut mattress, perfect for ensuring your child's restful sleep. It features a dust-mite resistant buckwheat insert and a breathable coconut fiber layer for optimal support and moisture control. The soft, washable cover and plush fleece ensure lasting comfort and easy care.


    • Buckwheat Hulls (0.5-1 cm): Naturally contours to your child’s body, providing a breathable and hypoallergenic embrace that ensures a refreshing night’s sleep.
    • Coconut Mat (1 cm): This layer of eco-friendly coconut fiber adds a touch of firmness while wicking away moisture, ensuring your little one sleeps in comfort and dryness.
    • Fluffy Fleece: Wraps the firmer layers in a soft, plush cocoon, offering a gentle caress that enhances the sleep experience.
    • Ergonomic Foam (7 cm): A supportive foundation that promotes even weight distribution and maintains perfect shape over time cradling your child throughout the night.

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