Viga XXL Sensory Educational Manipulation Board Crocodile

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The first element is the head of a crocodile. Here the toddler will find labyrinths through which he can lead the placed elements exercising his hands and fingers mobility. Additionally, you will find here cogwheels which will set the eyes of our crocodile in motion! The wheels can be rearranged freely, looking for new placement possibilities. 

The second board contains a maze in the shape of a circle. Inside the maze there is a metal ball. The child's task is to turn the wheel to bring the ball to the right point. The child will not only have fun but will also exercise their concentration, attention and analytical and logical thinking. 

The third board contains a music panel with colourful cymbals which will be perfect as the first instrument for the toddler and a fluted board that also makes sounds when rubbed with a wooden stick. On the third board you will also find a safe mirror. 

On the next board there is an amazing, magnetic maze with two sticks for moving balls. Thanks to the fact that our crocodile has 2 magnetic sticks the toddler can exercise both hands at once or play with a friend. Additionally, next to each point there are numbers, thanks to which the child starts to remember and learn numbers and their order. The whole fourth board exercises memory, concentration, visual perception, independence and time organization.   

The last element is the tail, on which there are three different 3D mazes. The possibility of manipulating with blocks and beads and guiding them through colourful metal rods will interest every toddler who will also be able to exercise their hand movements here. 

The board will attract a whole group of children who will learn to function in a group and communicate with their peers.. 

Product features: 

  • Age from 18 months 
  • Material Wood 
  • colours green 

Set includes: 

  • Viga Sensory Educational Manipulation Board Crocodile 


  • Product dimensions 174.5 x 60 cm 
  • Package dimensions 91 x 32 x 10 cm 
  • Weight: 11.1 kg

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