Staycation with a newborn - useful tips & tricks

Staycation with a newborn - useful tips & tricks

Summer is just around the corner and you deserve to make the most out of it!

If you are a new mum and are looking forward to spending your first summer vacation with a baby this article is just for you.  We'll give you all the tips you need for a hassle free vacation. If you are planning to travel for the first time this summer, you probably have some concerns on what to pack and how to make it work. Keep reading.

1. How to dress the baby for a car trip?

Summer months could be quite hot, so to ensure the comfort of your child, it’s best to dress them in loose-fitting, light-weight clothes. While traveling with your baby, they will enjoy the journey better and stay calm if dressed in clothes made from a natural fibre such as cotton. Cotton clothes and those made of other natural fibres absorb sweat better than clothes made of synthetic fibre. A good tip to remember, is to always dress the baby the same way you have + one light layer. It's really important to control the child's temperature as overheating could dangerous especially for newborns. When partaking in any outdoor activities, keep your baby comfortable and protected by dressing them in light-colored long pants, a long-sleeved shirt, and a wide-brimmed hat to shield her face. You don’t want those strong sunrays to hit their fragile skin.

2. How to avoid overheating the baby?

You always need to ensure good ventilation whenever you are. At this young age, your baby still isn’t perspiring effectively, so they are more likely to get overheated way faster than an adult would. For that reason,it is never a good idea to leave a baby in  a parked car or even a hot room. A few minutes of exposure to high temperatures could cause a spike in your baby’s temperature, which could easily become dire in extreme cases.

Remember not to overdress your baby for the car. Normally, we secure our babies quite tightly in their car seat, which could easily get them hot. It’s  best to just dress them in a single layer of light clothing, avoid socks or any feet coverage and  avoid hats as well. Leaving their head and feet uncovered helps keep them cool as babies transfer some heat out of their babies through their heads and feet. It is also important to use a window shade to protect your infant from the scorching sun rays as they could cause a sunburn.

3. What to pack for summer with a newborn?

  • Skin soothers: Babys are prone to sweating profusely during hot and humid weather. As a result, they could start forming clusters on their neck, groin, and other folds on their body. Having a skin soother helps relieve the heat rash.
  • Sunscreen: Babies under 6 months have very delicate screen, as such it is vital to keep them out of direct sunlight. However, in cases where this option is impractical always use a waterproof sunscreen that’s specifically designed for babies.  It should have a sun protection factor (SPF) of at least 50. Apply it liberally on your baby's skin including their face and repeat application every two hours.
  • Nursing bottles and accessories: It is common for babies to lose vital fluids through perspiration in hot weather. Sometimes, you won’t see them sweat so it is important to look out for a flushed face, rapid breathing, skin that is warm to the touch, and restlessness. These signs could be a clear indication that your baby is dehydrated. Since babies under 6 months are not to drink water, have some formula or pre-pumped breastmilk in their feeding bottle and feed it to them in modest amounts. Remember to feed them more frequently, at least 50 percent more than normal during summer. Check their wet diapers to confirm their hydration. They should have as many wet diapers as normal.

4. How to pack for your newborn for a staycation in Ireland?

Baby clothes: Babies need to be changed quite constantly. If it’s not a burp, it’s pee or sweat. They always get wet, and we have to change them. As such it is vital that we carry an ample supply of baby clothes just to be safe. Pack some onesie, long and short sleeved t-shirts, sweat shirts, pajamas, vests, hats, breathable material blankets or swaddles, bibs, and a whole lot of diapers.

Entertainment: Bored babies can be quite cranky. You can avoid that by packing your babies favorite toys, some additional sensory toys, teething toys, and some baby books. Besides, having something familiar to play with will give baby the feel of home which will be very comforting for them.

Food/Feeding Accessories: You don’t want to keep your baby hungry, so it is important to pack all the necessary foods and feeding accessories to ensure that your vacation is as smooth as possible. Some ideas include bibs, several packages of baby food, adequate bottles for pre-mixed formula, bags and containers for separating formula, and breastmilk storage containers.

Bath/Bed Supplies: Babies are creatures of habit and it is important to continue the same routine you had with them at home even during your vacation. Maintain their sleeping routine. Pack a couple of pairs of their baby cot sheets and blankets. The familiar smell should soothe them to sleep and make them more comfortable during the vacation. You can also pack a small bottle of travel soap and shampoo, towels, and baby monitor. A foldable bath would be a greatly appreciated addition to the set, as you'd be able to keep bathing routine while on the go.

A summer vacation with your baby is surely well deserved both for you and your baby. Do your research and make proper arrangements to make surer that your holiday goes smooth and without unnecessary stress. Considering the crazy year we all've had you need to make the best out of it. Take care and enjoy your holidays!

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